Want to become a coach?

Are you thinking of becoming a coach? Find out if coach is the right job for you. Get answers to the following questions: What does a coach do? What personality traits do coaches have? Will robots replace coaches? How much does a coach earn and is it a job in high demand?

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What does a coach do?

A coach helps people function better. Often, the terms coach and trainer are used interchangeably. But you could say that when it comes to business services, a coach helps individuals and a trainer helps and trains groups as well. As a coach, you establish what the exact need of your client is and how you can help as a coach. Usually, as a coach, you're specialised in a certain field and you help people that need help in that particular field. Subjects and areas coaches can specialise in include leadership coaching (perform better as a leader), Agile working (Agile coach), relationship coaching (as consultant relationship mediation), personal coaching (increase your personal effectiveness or find a good balance between work and private life), career coaching, vitality coaching (healthy working and living) and coaching of skills and competencies.


What personality traits do coaches have?

There are two characteristics many coaches have in common. Coaches are often highly inquisitive (score highly in the INVESTIGATIVE category) and human-oriented (score highly in the SOCIAL category). Do you have the same personality? Perhaps the profession of coach would suit you.

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Will robots replace coaches?

Many jobs will be replaced by robots. How robot-proof are coaches? The chances of robotisation of a coach’s activities amount to 1%. This means that there is a LOW CHANCE that the tasks and activities performed by coaches will be taken over by robots and smart software within the next 20 years.


Coach Vacancies and Salary

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