Want to become a taxi driver?

Are you thinking of becoming a taxi driver? Find out if taxi driver is the right job for you. Get answers to the following questions: What does a taxi driver do? What personality traits do taxi drivers have? Will robots replace taxi drivers? How much does a taxi driver earn and is it a job in high demand?

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What does a taxi driver do?

As a taxi driver, your activities consist of transporting passengers and their luggage by driving cars, vans or limousines. As a taxi driver, you are service-oriented and help passengers get in and get out and carry the luggage. Sometimes, you are responsible for maintaining your own vehicle, keeping your own records, and collecting money. You can distinguish between two types of taxi drivers. The taxi drivers that mainly pick up fares from the street and taxi drivers that handle contract transport. For the latter, think of transporting of students, board members and VIP transport and the transport of disabled people. Many of these trips are on contract basis. For instance, a contract between a school or care institution and a taxi company. The arrival of automation and the Internet has greatly changed the profession of taxi driver. Navigational software ensures that taxi drivers no longer require detailed knowledge of the streets in a certain city or region. Thanks to taxi apps, the threshold to become a taxi driver has lowered more and more. This means there's more competition and the customer has more options to choose from.


What personality traits do taxi drivers have?

There are two characteristics many taxi drivers have in common. Taxi drivers are full of initiative (score highly in the ENTERPRISING category) and prefer manual labour (score highly in the REALISTIC category). Do you have the same personality? Perhaps the profession of taxi driver would suit you.

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Will robots replace taxi drivers?

Many jobs will be replaced by robots. How robot-proof are taxi drivers? The chances of robotisation of a taxi driver’s activities amount to 89%. This means that there is a HIGH CHANCE that the tasks and activities performed by taxi drivers will be taken over by robots and smart software within the next 20 years.


Process Operator Vacancies and Salary

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