Want to become a technical writer?

Are you thinking of becoming a technical writer? Find out if technical writer is the right job for you. Get answers to the following questions: What does a technical writer do? What personality traits do technical writers have? Will robots replace technical writers? How much does a technical writer earn and is it a job in high demand?

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What does a technical writer do?

A technical writer is someone who writes technical documents such as manuals, appendices and user and maintenance instructions. As a technical writer, you are responsible for the technical documentation that belongs to a technical or mechanical product. As a technical writer, you often have to help determine lay-out and images and the infographics to be used. Characteristics of the equipment to be used are often very complex. Think of users interfaces, drive engineering and mechatronics. Good technical insight and general technical knowledge is absolutely essential for the position of technical writer. The target audience of the made documentation ranges from customers and sellers to mechanics. In addition to writing technical manuals, you're often also responsible for the management of manuals and coordinating translations. You already closely collaborate with engineers during the development process about making manuals and other documentation. Sometimes, you need to take into account legislation when making a manual. Knowledge of applicable regulations and standards is therefore an advantage in this position. Where does a technical writer work? Manufacturers of technical products often employ technical writers. But many technical writers can also be hired and often have a specialisation.

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What personality traits do technical writers have?

There are two characteristics many technical writers have in common. Technical Writers are often highly inquisitive (score highly in the INVESTIGATIVE category) and creative (score highly in the ARTISTIC category). Do you have the same personality? Perhaps the profession of technical writer would suit you.

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Will robots replace technical writers?

Many jobs will be replaced by robots. How robot-proof are technical writers? The chances of robotisation of a technical writer’s activities amount to 89%. This means that there is a HIGH CHANCE that the tasks and activities performed by technical writers will be taken over by robots and smart software within the next 20 years.


Technical Writer Vacancies and Salary

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