Want to become a UX Designer?

Are you thinking of becoming a UX Designer? Find out if UX Designer is the right job for you. Get answers to the following questions: What does a UX Designer do? What personality traits do UX Designers have? Will robots replace UX Designers? How much does a UX Designer earn and is it a job in high demand?

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What does a UX Designer do?

The UX in UX Designer is an abbreviation of the term User Experience. User Experience is a term that's frequently used in designing and maintaining websites. As a UX Designer, your activities mainly consist of constantly optimising websites and other online tools by measuring and evaluating user experiences and based on these analyses implement improvements. You can do this by carrying out A/B tests and analysing data from tools such as Google Analytics. You analyse whether an online tool can function better in terms of user experiences. Which will eventually result in higher sales, lower bounce rate (percentage of visitors that immediately navigate away), number of pages visited, longer use duration, etc. Based on your analyses, you suggest improvements. Many UX Designers also implement alterations themselves and are able to programme and/or know their way around software languages such as html and CSS. You will subsequently analyse the implemented alterations. These could seemingly be small improvements. For instance, moving buttons, adjusting margins and applying different colours or images. However, for websites with lots of visitors or users, a small change can have a major effect in terms of turnover or retaining a visitor. Where does a UX Designer work? For instance at online travel agencies or other companies that sell online services and products, but also consultancy firms in the field of internet and online applications.


What personality traits do UX Designers have?

There are two characteristics many UX Designers have in common. UX Designers are often highly inquisitive (score highly in the INVESTIGATIVE category) and process-oriented (score highly in the CONVENTIONAL category). Do you have the same personality? Perhaps the profession of UX Designer would suit you.

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Will robots replace UX Designers?

Many jobs will be replaced by robots. How robot-proof are UX Designers? The chances of robotisation of a UX Designer’s activities amount to 48%. This means that there is an AVERAGE CHANCE that the tasks and activities performed by UX Designers will be taken over by robots and smart software within the next 20 years.


UX Designer Vacancies and Salary

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